Fire Watch Security Guard

Why Fire Watch Security is Important in the Workplace?


It doesn’t matter what type of business you operate, you are highly responsible for taking care of your employees and also other visitors from the threat of a fire. This can be done by taking proper fire watch security measures. However, to implement this action, there are some effective security measures that one could take.

These may include alarm security and fire systems, these are an effective means of protection, but at times they malfunction. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your business, fire watch security guards will provide you with superior protection.

Why Does Your Business Needs Fire Watch Security Guards?

When a supreme clear system or fire alarm system is under maintenance or inoperable for some time, there’s an increased risk of a fire emergency. Similarly, if any business activity is required to operate with open flames or sparks, then there is a high risk of a fire occurring in these places.

Hence, it is highly important to have fire watch guards on duty until the threat is reduced. Fire watch security guards perform an important role in serving the businesses and protecting them from any kind of fire mishaps.

Some of the key functions of a fire watch guard from off-duty officers include checkout for smoke, open flames, or increased temperatures, recognizing and removing hazards that hinder emergency exits, and also checking fire extinguishers to ensure they are available at the time of emergency.

Multiple businesses highly benefit from fire watch guards. At some points, guards are required on a short or long-term basis depending on what business it is. There is a business that has to suffer from a constant threat of fire such as in manufacturing departments, there is a definite need for fire watch security guards, these may include construction businesses too.

There are other heavy-duty tasks such as welding projects, and working with different chemicals, so these need a constant fire watch while business activities are in process.

Fire Watch Guard Duties

It is important to have proper fire watch equipment at any workplace, to avoid any fire mishaps or unfortunate incidents. Fire watch security guards are held responsible for a constant watch out on fires and emergency exits. They are tasked with different roles such as regular patrolling throughout the working area, where business activities take place.

In an area where welding and electricity projects are done, it is a must to have a fire watch security guard throughout the manufacturing process. This is because they would keep a constant watch on the combustion materials and open flames in high temperatures. There are high chances of dangerous sparks which can be harmful.

A fire watch security guard in these working places would ensure that immediate actions and safety measures are taken in case of any emergency. However, there are multiple duties of a fire watch security guard, some of the very basic ones include the following:

  • Checking fire extinguishers from time to time and making sure they work fine at the time of need.
  • Alarming people and contractors if there is any case of emergency.
  • Take instant actions in the event of a fire by calling fire brigades to avoid any big loss.

Fire watch and patrolling are done throughout the day to ensure maximum safety for the entire team and other people. However, most people wonder why hiring a specialized and experienced fire watch guard for such workplaces and not a normal security guard.

A fire watch guard is a highly experienced and skilled person who possesses great skills to control any hazardous situation very tactfully and professionally. Also, they have a great idea about when can fire incidents take place as they work in shifts to keep a constant check on certain areas of business activity where the temperatures are very high and heavy-duty tasks are performed such as welding.

Therefore, it is important to check for the best fire watch guards who are professional and highly skilled to tackle such situations. There are various companies that offer the best fire watch guards such as Fast Guard Security Service.


So these were a few aspects discussed in the fire watch security is highly important at the workplace. They tend to assist operators in monitoring for signs of fire during working hours and also occasional activities such as bonfires, fireworks, etc. Therefore, having a proper fire watch security system including guards is very important for any workplace.

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