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What Does Fire Watch Security Do?


Fire is an imminent calamity. Even in the safest places, a fire can break out and cause huge losses. It doesn’t only cause monetary damage but can also result in life-threatening injuries. to prevent fire damages and losses, people hire the services of fire watch security. But there are still some misconceptions about fire watch security and what does it do. in this article, we will talk about the duties and responsibilities of Fire watch security guards and how are they important in our everyday lives.

Identification of fire threats:

The key aspect of a fire watch guard’s job is the identification of fire threats. It is not a piece of cake to identify fire threats. Sometimes they are not even visible to the human eye. They can be a source of leaking methane, a cigarette that has not been put out, paper waste, naked electric wires. It is the duty of the fire watch guard to identify such threats and try to eliminate them as soon as possible.

Patrolling the premises:

To identify the fire threats, a fire watch guard has to patrol the parameter of the company or the property he has to protect. Usually, the patrol is carried on foot, enabling the guard to have a keener and closer look towards all potential fire sources. But if he has to cover a larger area, a fire watch guard can also use some vehicle like a bicycle or golf cart to patrol. A fast vehicle like a motorbike or a car should not be used for fire watch patrol as they’d be inefficient in detecting fire threats.

Respond to fire call:

Although not firemen, Fire watch guards are professionally trained to respond in case of a fire breakout. They make sure that nobody is hurt during the fire. They are trained to deal with panic situations and disperse the crowd. They make sure that the fire exit is working and evacuate the building. They are also trained to respond through the use of fire equipment like extinguishers, sprinklers, blankets, and signage. They prove themselves very useful in limiting the immediate damage caused by a fire in case the fire department does not arrive on time.

Keep the record and patrol findings:

Another duty of the patrolling fire watch guards is to keep the logs and documentation of their patrol findings. The company owners need to review the logs to remove the threats of fire in the logs. These logs can also be shown to insurance companies in case of fire damage to reclaim the insurance money. They help the owner claim the insurance money by proving that the fire happened accidentally and was not caused by the owner himself.

Call the fire department:

A fire watch security guard does his most to prevent the fire and the damage caused by it. after carrying out all the safety protocols, he must call the local fire department to put the fire out. He must be very vigilant and efficient in contacting the fire department. Any delay or negligence in contacting the firefighters can cause big monetary and life losses. That’s why it is important to have fire watch security to be constantly present at your premises.

Prevent accidents and injuries:

Apart from preventing fire and looking out for its sources, the fire watch guard also performs many other important functions. These duties include keeping the employees and residents safe from all kinds of accidents and injuries. they also lookout in parking lots and prevent fights and automobile accidents. Especially on construction sites, there are many potential hazards that can cause fatal accidents. Fire watch guards make sure that such hazards are removed and no one gets hurt or injured.

Fire insurance:

Most of the offices and businesses have fire insurance services to pay the damages caused by a catastrophic fire. But it is not prudent to leave the security of people and building solely on fire insurance. To save lives and money from such fire incidents you must hire Fire watch guards to reduce any risks from the fire. These fire watch guards will not only help you protect your property from fire but also claim insurance.


Out of all the risks faced by a company or business, a disastrous fire is the most catastrophic thing that can happen. It can cause a loss of lives as well as capital. Hiring Fire watch guards can considerably reduce the risk of a fire breakout at business premises. The Direct Fire Watch security offers a team as well as a single fireguard to monitor your premises and help to reduce the fire threats to your business.

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