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Tips On Choosing The Right Security Shopping Center For Your Needs

Shopping centers are vulnerable to various security risks and are often considered soft targets since they have many large volume gatherings with multiple access points. From terrorist attacks, harassment, and shoplifting to mass shootings, it is pretty challenging to maintain safety for the security shopping center experts.

Security experts perform these tasks professionally without disturbing the mall by dealing with possible incidents calmly, controlling the crowd, addressing shoplifters, and identifying suspicious behavioral activities.

This guide shares top tips on choosing the right security services for shopping centers that match your needs.

Factors to Consider for Shopping Mall Security

Security services work closely with mall management to reduce crime rates. The most obvious method is to direct security staff to intervene whenever someone threatens shop owners or customers. 

It ensures that everyone stays safe while they’re in the mall. It can also help when problems arise during business hours. 

On-site guards can help monitor areas and respond to emergencies, while mall management can contact the police if necessary. Either choice makes people feel safer and less harassed in the mall environment.

Whether improving or considering new security services for your shopping mall, several factors account for the overall safety and peaceful ambiance.

From well-trained security staff installed CCTV security systems to how the team responds to shoplifting, the shopping malls must be ready to deal with any security breach. Here are the considerations to pay attention to when choosing shopping center security.

Shoplifting Training:

Besides mass shootings and harassment, shoplifting is the most reported crime in retail stores and shopping malls. Per the 2021 survey, the recorded larceny-theft rate in the USA per 100000 population was 1394 cases. 10% of 30 million Americans shoplift to some degree.

Experienced shopping centers’ firewatch security services recognize shoplifters in seconds with quick reflexes. The guards know when and how to confront a shoplifter. They are also proficient in using force to defuse the situation if the shoplifter becomes violent or threatening.

Video Surveillance:

Like on-site surveillance and monitoring, video surveillance has the same importance. The presence of patrolling guards in the corridors and shops can threaten the customers, resulting in a downfall in sales revenue. 

Installing video surveillance cameras is the best practice for monitoring the surroundings in sensitive areas. CCTV cameras are the best option for real-time monitoring and recording the common areas, including the food court, walkways, and parking lots.

You can have dome and bullet CCTV cameras to cover different angles with high-quality images. The CCTV cameras are then connected to the surveillance monitoring room, where shopping center security officers monitor the footage and communicate with the on-site guards to guide them about the situation.

The installation of CCTV cameras should be strategic to capture the best angles of the mall. Studies suggest only the presence of video surveillance cameras is enough to threaten crimes.

Emergency Preparedness:

The large crowd often results in fire breaks and security breaches. An experienced security shopping mall team helps control the situation before it puts lives in danger.

Individuals love shopping centers, but they despise being mall snitches. Since shopping malls are often located in busy areas with heavy traffic from the neighborhood, it results in notorious crime opportunities. 

You should pay attention to emergency preparedness while opting for a security company. The multiple access points make it easy for shooters to divide into groups and set their targets.

Professional mall security guards are proficient in addressing potential threats. They have pre-prepared emergency plans to respond to the situation and save lives.

Customer Support:

You might have never paid attention to this factor, but it can benefit your business; little did you know. Not you or the shop owner, but security guards are the first to welcome the customers. 

Customer-friendly professional shopping center security guards give confidence to customers that they are in safe hands. Customers roam the mall safely and let the kids play around, knowing they are secure and monitored.

Besides, the parking lot security guards escort the customers to their vehicles, help them load their bags, and ensure they leave the premises safely. It gives customers a positive image, which is helpful for business growth.

Not only to detect crime rates, but shopping malls also need shopping centers’ firewatch security services for several reasons. Shopping malls without proper security coverage often record shoplifting, harassment, and violent crimes. Remember, the loss from valuable shoplifting assets can be more than the investment.

The best fire watch security team will minimize the crime rate and maintain a peaceful ambiance by focusing on three main aspects; identifying, addressing, and restricting. Besides the on-site security guards, the video surveillance team helps monitor sensitive areas to identify and address potential crimes. Hire a reliable security shopping center team as your business’s first line of defense.

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