Shopping centers security services

If you own a shopping center or any business involving retail, you must be concerned about the security of the products. You would need to protect your products from shoplifters, as well as your property from robbers, theft, and vandalism. Fire watch  security is a firm that provides different security services in the state of California. If you are looking for trustworthy and dependable shopping center security services, call Fire watch  security.

Why do you need shopping center security services?

According to a report, the retail industry loses around 45 billion dollars annually due to shoplifting, theft, and fraud. Organized crime and burglaries, also cause big losses to shopping centers. It is very difficult to make sure that every customer is honest especially when the customer traffic is very high. In big shopping centers, the absence of guards and security might provoke people to shoplift or even rob the employees. That’s why it is important to invest in high-quality shopping center security guards to reduce the risk of crimes as much as possible.

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What services do we provide in
shopping center security?

The presence of security services at a shopping center considerably reduces the crime rates. Fire watch  security provides its clients with the following shopping center security services

Metal detectors and CCTV cameras:

The most important aspect of a shopping center security service is the use of technology. without the presence of CCTV cameras, it would be really hard to catch shoplifters. The installation of metal detectors would prevent people from bringing firearms and guns into the center.

Armed and unarmed security guards

We also provide armed and unarmed security guards depending upon your needs. Our security guards are professionally trained and licensed to provide security services by BSIS California. Armed security guards also have the license to carry firearms and guns. They are very crucial in maintaining the security of a shopping center.

Fire watch and patrol services

We also provide Fire watch security to our clients at the shopping centers to protect their stocks in stores and warehouses safe from getting destroyed in the fire. Our patrolling guards walk around the perimeter to make sure that there is no suspicious thing that can result in a big loss for the shopping centers.

Benefits of hiring Fire watch Security for the shopping centers

The biggest benefit of hiring Direct Fire watch  Statewide Security is the reduction in theft and shoplifting. This would consequently increase the revenue of the shopping center. The presence of security guards at a shopping center would also create a sense of security among the shoppers and would make them visit the center again. Hiring Fire watch  security would prove to be very beneficial for your shopping center.Security is a big concern for shopping center owners. Without proper help and resources, a shopping center would lose all its profits. That’s why, hire a reputable and trustworthy security company, like Fire watch  security service to provide you with quality shopping center security services.