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How Security Guards Deal with Critical Situations

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In the security industry, the standard should always be highly maintained. When the security of any business or place suffers, everyone pays the price. So you need a professional security guard who knows how to deal with critical situations.

Nowadays, security guard services are in great demand as there is an increase in critical situations occurring all around us. A security guard can manage several situations like controlling demanding clients and even preventing crimes by taking the necessary safety measures. In this post, we’ll be highlighting a few tips that you need to remember if something critical happens.

3 Tips to Manage Critical Situations

Critical situations are certain events that have to be managed by security guards with a professional attitude. Anybody can do this job, but not everyone can control these situations with their own techniques.

There are many types of situations a guard can face. Here are just a few:

1) Workplace violence

2) An accident, kidnapping, or assault outside the building

3) A fire in the building

4) A dangerous person entering the building with ill intentions

Now let’s see how a well-trained security guard tackles these situations:

De-escalate the situation

As a security guard, you should try to de-escalate the situation. First, ask if they need any help. Doing this lets the panhandler know that you are willing to be there but not let them take advantage of you. If they ask for money, explain that all you can do is offer help and let them know about services in the area that can provide food, shelter, or medical help. Offer to call 911 or your local non-emergency police number for them. You should speak to the disgruntled shopper politely, assuming a soothing tone, and use an empathetic approach.

Stay calm

When there’s a high-stress situation, whether an active shooter or something just as dangerous, it’s important that the school resource officer remains calm. During a life-or-death situation, officers must keep a level head and think logically — not emotionally — to help keep themselves and others safe.

Utilizing training

The best way to face a critical situation is to be prepared. Guards should be given proper training on how to handle emergencies. If a guard is not mentally and physically fit, they won’t b e capable of handling critical situations. In case of a fire, they should know how to call the fire brigade and start the evacuation process. If a bomb explodes on-premises, they should be able to tackle the situation and also know how to inform the police about it. A guard should also know how to manage the crowd and stop them from entering the area of the accident till the police arrive. The guards should be provided with training on handling emergencies, first aid, firefighting, etc. to tackle any critical situation or accident that occurs on their premises.

Security guards need to recognize a critical situation and make an appropriate intervention while countering any disorder or danger. A professional understanding of the situation will allow making a realistic assessment of the events that occurred in this area. Security Guard Company offers training and resources to help security guard companies manage critical situations and prevent violations.

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