Private Fire watch security

The Fire watch security provided by the state is good in Los Angeles, but it might not be enough. Especially for people in show business, no risks can be taken. For shooting projects, meet and greets, movie premiers; there is an absolute need for private Fire watch security to make sure that your guests, loved ones, property, and assets are completely protected and out of harm.

Direct Fire watch security LA

Direct Fire watch security LA is a private firm that aims to provide risk-free security guard services to our clients with complete customer satisfaction. Our Fire watch guards are professionally trained officials who have gone through a screening process to make sure they are competent to provide you with Fire watch security. You can hire our Fire watch security guards and stop worrying about any fire hazards because an extra set of eyes is making sure that any potential threat of fire is dealt with before it even starts. Fire watch security LA is based on the integrity of the team of professional security guards that provide you with quality services at affordable rates.

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Services provided by Direct Fire watch security LA

The services provided by Direct  Fire watch security LA are

Patrolling Fire watch guards

We provide patrolling Fire watch guards, that walk around your property, looking for any potential sources that might cause fire, eliminating them, and protecting the premises.

Unarmed security guard

Direct Fire watch security LA can provide you with unarmed security guards to safeguard your property. They will walk around your premises, look out for suspicious activities, and act accordingly to protect you.

Armed security guards

You can also get armed security guards from our company depending upon the severity of the situation. These armed guards are registered and licensed to carry and use firearms to protect the property and people against any danger.

24-hour service

Direct Fire watch security LA provides you with a 24-hour service. Their security guards are available at any hour and can secure your premises all the time. You can peacefully sleep at night knowing that your property is being guarded by a competent security guard.

Why choose Direct Fire watch security LA

There are many reasons why you should choose us for your Fire watch security, some of them are
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Highly-trained personnel

We make sure that every security guard at our firm is competent enough to guard your property against fire hazards. Our security guards go through a comprehensive training and screening process that filters out the best personnel. These highly trained provide honest services to every customer no matter what the premise is, and ensure the highest transparency and honesty to our clients.

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High-quality GPS tracking

Our Fire watch security guards are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and GPS tracking system on the patrols that keep them updated about any concerns about their Fire watch security. These updates are provided in the form of photos, audio, and notes from our control centers. In this way, we can protect you from fire hazards that can’t be detected even by a patrol officer.

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Government-approved agency

In California, you have to have proper approval and license to set up a security guard company. The Fire watch security, LA is licensed by the Bureau of security and investigation services (BSIS). They are approved, licensed, bonded, and committed to providing quality service security to the residents of Los Angeles.

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Professional and trustworthy guards

We make sure that our guards are professionally trained and are trustworthy. Before hiring them as security guards, we run a background check by scanning their fingerprints to make sure that they are not involved in past crimes. We also make sure that they are licensed by BSIS and have a security guard card. These procedures make sure that a guard can be trusted with securing your properties.

Conclusion: Fire can be a very dangerous hazard and can cause a lot of damage if not detected early. That’s why you should hire a Fire watch guard to identify the risks beforehand and eliminate them. Direct Fire watch security LA is the best place in California to hire Fire watch security guards.