Medical facilities security services

Security is a major concern at all commercial and public places. Especially at a medical facility like a hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office, it is difficult to manage security without proper and professional health. For the safety of the patients, staff, and healthcare workers, it is crucial to hire some reliable security services company like All American Statewide security. It is a professional firm that makes sure to meet and exceed your expectations and provide you with high-quality security services at your medical facility.

Why do you need a medical facility's security services?

The presence of security guards at a medical facility is very important. There can be a lot of foot traffic at a medical facility and without proper measures, it is impossible to identify potential criminals beforehand. With that many people at a certain place, there is a risk of many security breaches. It can result in theft and vandalism of many valuable and expensive hospital equipment as well as a threat to the patients’ lives. hospital staff and doctors cannot handle these situations themselves. that’s why it is crucial to have security guards at a medical facility’s premises to handle and diffuse such situations and maintain the smooth running of the system.

Healthcare Facility Security Services in California

Medical security services provided by the
All American security

Direct Fire watch  security strives to provide you with the best medical facility security.
Some of the services we provide are

Metal detectors and CCTV cameras:

We at All American security provide you with the latest technology. with our metal detectors, culprits can't bring guns, knives, or other weapons into the facility. We have high-quality CCTV cameras and trained security guards to monitor them and respond to any scene immediately.

Armed and unarmed security guards

We provide both armed and unarmed security guards depending upon the medical facility’s requirements. The unarmed security guards provide many services including checking and logging the people entering the facility, guarding the premises, etc. our armed guards are also licensed to carry and use a firearm.

Fire watch and patrol services

With all the heavy equipment and oxygen cylinders at the medical facility, the chances of a big fire are very high. Our Fire watch guards will patrol the premises to identify potential fire threats and eliminate them. They are also equipped with golf carts and bikes to respond immediately to any situation.

Benefits of hiring All American security at a medical facility

Hiring Fire watch  security at your medical facility will benefit you in many ways. Having a vigilant and constant eye through CCTV cameras will considerably reduce the risks of security breaches. Our guards will also make sure that there is no unauthorized entry that could pose any threats to the integrity of the facility. They also make sure that there is no potential fire threat to protect the staff and the patients from fire hazards. They also report all the activity during the day to their authorities.Fire watch  security is a trustworthy and dependable company to hire for the protection of your medical facility.