Fire Watch Security Guard

Is security necessary for Fire watch?


It may seem like installing just a fire alarm system is enough as a security measure to prevent fire hazards from occurring and alert individuals. But it is important to note that a fire watch is even more necessary when

  • There is not a functioning system of a fire alarm
  • There isn’t even a fire alarm in the first place
  • The fire alarm has somehow failed an inspection
  • Fire alarms may get offline when there is a power outage
  • Water/fire sprinklers fail to work
  • The sprinklers are out of service for some time
  • Cannot be repaired as water has been shut down
  • There’s an inevitable risk of a fire threat due to flammable materials, tangled wires, toxic wastage, and unsupervised chemicals

If all of the aforementioned fail to get noticed, the situation can get rather dangerous. Therefore, the fir watch security officials are efficiently trained enough and have the knowledge to look after the areas you live in, you, and your belongings so that you are protected from any harm a fire may cause.

What you can expect from a Fire watch security necessary

Fire watch security guards consist of a skilled team of individuals that are trained to patrol around your property and carefully identify if the area is prone to any sort of a fire hazard.

Following are some of the functions the fire watch security guards perform in real-time:

  • Constantly on a lookout
  • Looking for signs and then reporting unwanted activities
  • Checking if the fire safety equipment is functioning
  • Make sure all emergency exits and walkways are clear
  • Turning off the fire alarm in case of a fire and contacting the fire department
  • Make sure they have all necessary tools for them to communicate and have people evacuate e.g. torches if low light in areas
  • Log all activities after patrolling
  • Make sure there is an agreement with the government if they require a fire watch guard on any of their working sites at all times. Until the project ends and the certificate of occupancy can be attained

Who should require the assistance of Fire watch patrol services

There are chances you may be able to find yourself in a stressful situation and can be exposed to a fire hazard. In such situations, normally you would consider using the same employees that work for you or casual laborers to monitor and maintain the premises. While this does save a lot of money, at the same time, you may be putting your working staff and other laborers’ lives and your property at risk as these individuals are after all, not licensed officials to look out for your safety.

The fire watch security officials are required to abide by the specific national and Marshall protocols to offer complete analysis.

They use their services to benefit the following industries:

  • Construction sites
  • Industrial sites and manufacturing units
  • Medical facilities
  • Hotels, restaurants, and cafes
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Concerts
  • Exhibitions
  • Schools and college campuses
  • Private venues
  • Commercial markets and shopping malls
  • Residential areas
  • Parks
  • Workplaces/ business buildings

Why you should hire a licensed team of fire watch security

  • They are trained and licensed

Fire watch security guards are licensed personnel who are trained efficiently so they can easily look for any possible signs of fire risk. They help to maintain any damaged or nonfunctioning fire systems and replace them. They also trace places where there aren’t any fire systems and install them. They patrol, monitor, maintain and track services and are responsible to stay focused overnights as well to prevent any fire risks.

  • Thorough coverage of insurance

You will find most security insurance policies to be including coverage, whereas, liability insurance does not cater fire watch services for the untrained personnel like the maintenance team.

  • They are quick at response

Fire watch security guards are trained by their security companies to always be on standby in case of a contingency, make constant rounds around the block, and respond deliberately to serious situations

  • They are experienced in shift handover systems

Fire watch security guards realize how demanding their job is and so are always alerted when they are on duty during the day or night. They are skilled to operate shift handover systems to make sure they keep all potential or arising risks monitored.

  • They reduce liability

Fire hazards on the living property are somehow unusual but they can be inevitable therefore, it is important to have a fire watch security guard present to reduce your liability in case of a dangerous fire situation. or else, the harm a fire may cause is very serious.

  • They provide service 24/7

Alongside fire watch guards maintaining and monitoring safety equipment when needed, they are required to be vigilant 24/7 and so, have to constantly keep a check to activate fire alarms or sprinklers if they are not functioning. They are also 24/7 available to communicate with the control center so they can transfer the particular information conveyed to the closest fire department.

You may be taking all necessary precautions in order to keep safe from fire accidents, for example, installing smoke detectors, fire alarms and having fire extinguishers somewhere in your house or workplace too. However, the risk may still be highly possible as all of the said measures only function after the fire has taken place.

A fire watch security guard may not only add to the safety along with the equipment but they prevent fire from happening even in the first place.

Whatever skills and techniques these fire watch security officials offer are all according to the needs and requirements of whoever hires them but their main goal is to prevent a fire hazard and keep things under control at all times.

Fire watch security guards, in order to do this, inspect various sites or properties often so they can make sure there are no possible future fire threats. You should realize their importance and consider taking full advantage of their training so that your properties, workplaces, and buildings are kept secure.

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