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Fire Watch Security Guards Responsibilities

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Fire watch security guard services are essential for any excellent security plan. Places that catch fire like buildings, factories, companies, businesses, showrooms and so on are usually common. These fire watch security measures need to be taken to save lives and help protect everyone.

Here are some Fire Watch Security Guard Responsibilities that can be taken:

  • The Site Should be Scanned Thoroughly

For any fire eruption to be caught before it occurs, the fire watch security guards should check and observe properly the complete area for potential threats that could trigger a fire from erupting. If you value your life, assets, finance, then it is essential to be aware of the security measures that need to be taken in case of the emergence of fire.

The fire watch security guard should be very well trained and observant to avoid potential risks. There should be a team of fire watch security guards that are fully equipped and trained vigorously, and this team should be on the constant lookout for any fire issue that occurs on the premises.

  • The Emergency Services should be Imparted.

The senior-level management should be informed as quickly as possible about any mishappenings. As known and heard of by almost everyone, there is a fire alarm system that is activated once it senses smoke and the fire extinguishing team is quickly contacted. The Fire Watch Security Guard should be vigilant and should handle the problem in minimal time. The Fire Watch Security Guards should also be skilled enough to help extinguish fire and eliminate such issues.

  • Evacuation of People & Valuables

The evacuation of people and valuables from the area is the last thing that the Fire Watch Security Guard can do. While at the same time the main responsibility of the guards is to learn what the problem is while inspecting it and checking through the areas and premises of the company facility.

The security guards are very well-trained in order to evacuate people and valuables when, for instance, the building or the premise catches on fire. While the employer makes sure they are providing a potential and highly skilled and learned team of security professions, it is also the security guard’s duty to take matters seriously and understand a potential threat when he sees one.

  • Services Such As Patrolling

Although the security guard needs to patrol throughout the premises, another form of patrolling is known as mobile patrolling. This patrolling service is beneficial and is in addition to the services the security guards provide to the business. Not only does it help assist the security guards, it also is very helpful to someone in a situation of emergency. Say, there is a person that requires help going to the hospital, there are mobile services like ambulances that can help the injured person reach the hospital in a quick span of time.

  • Checking and Inspecting the Equipment

The fire extinguishing equipment should be thoroughly checked before use. It helps extinguish minor fires until the fire truck arrives to extinguish large fires. Likewise, the alarms should be checked appropriately and inspected, which the fire watch security guards do at your site.

  • 24/7 Fire Protection Services

The Fire Watch Security Guards should be responsible and trustworthy while providing 24/7 fire protection services. Whether it is your house, or a business premise or even a building, the team should be vigilant and constantly provide safe security and fire protection services.


When it comes to the safety and security of you and your loved ones, and even your business, then you want to make sure that you find the right fire protection plan for your building and it’s premises. which is foolproof and benefits you in the long run. Let’s say you have a business that is doing well and booming in today’s day and age of technology. Would it benefit you if you didn’t have a safety and fire protection plan? What would you do if, God forbid, you lose all of the money you invested and even your life and the lives of others? Therefore, while you are thinking this, may it be a wake-up call to you or just a word of advice, you should take these measures to be on the safe side.

So, what is to be considered here is that a foolproof safe and efficient fire emergency protection plan that is available with 24/7 service is there for you and your company in the long run. It may cost you, but once you have it, you will feel safer than ever. Call us on DIRECT FIRE WATCH SECURITY

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