Direct Fire watch security guard services in Fresno

Security is every person’s right. Sometimes the security provided by the local authorities is not enough. That’s why we hear about criminal activities in the news. There are several security companies in southern California that provide security services to the residents of Fresno. One of these companies is Direct Fire watch which provides private security guard services in Fresno and all over California. We take pride in offering protection and security to our clients.

Direct Fire watch security Direct Fresno

Direct fire watch is a private security guard company that aims to provide quality security services to the residents of Fresno and California. We provide a variety of services to our clients and customers. These services include armed and unarmed security guards, fire watch security, surveillance and monitoring, patrol fireguards, event and private security, and personal bodyguards. Whatever type of security you might need, we have got you covered.

firewatch security guards

Our aim at Direct Fire watch security Fresno

At direct fire watch, we believe in the integrity of our team. The whole organization works as a unit to provide the best security guard services to the people of Fresno California in the most affordable ranges. Every person has the right to protect his life and belongings. At Direct Fire watch, we strive hard so that every citizen of our state gets to enjoy the right of customizing his security.

Why hire direct Fire watch
in Fresno?

As we have discussed before, southern California is a nice place to live, but we cannot overlook the crime ratio it has as compared to other states. every other day some violent crime is being committed and people are worried for their security. In such circumstances, it is preferable to have a reliable security company at your service, to protect you and your family from such dangers.

Licensed and government-approved officers

Direct Fire watch makes sure that we meet the expectation of our clients. All of our employees are specially trained professionals. They are approved by BSIS California and carry the license to perform security guard services. We also run a background check of all our applicants to make sure they have a clean criminal record.

Services provided by Direct Fire watch security CA


Unarmed security guards

We can offer you the carrier of unarmed safety shield officials to patrol and shield your offices, rental complexes, malls, etc.


Armed security guards

You also can rent armed safety guards for jobs that require using firearms. Our armed safety guards are screened and certified to hold and use a firearm.


Private security guards

We additionally provide non-public protection guards to our customers for unique functions like bodyguards and escort services.


Direct Fire watch guards

We additionally have expert Fire watch guards that lessen the hearthplace dangers at your house to nearly zero.

24/7 security service in Fresno

One of the best features of Direct Fire watch security is its 24-hour service. Our vigilant security guards are available all the time in case of an emergency. Be it night or day be it Sunday or Monday, we are here to provide you with quality security services 24/7.

firewatch security guards

Conclusion: fresno is one of the maximum crime-price counties in America, that`s why you have to seek advice from a good safety guards` organization like Fire watch safety CA to offer the exceptional safety defend services.