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Fire watch security expectations vs. reality


Every year dozens of residential, industrial, and commercial units are devastated by fire. Reason- Not taking the situation seriously and leaving it carelessly. The only way to deal with this situation and thousands of lives is by hiring fire watch security guards. Fire watch security guards are the same as armed and unarmed security, but a few of us know their importance and role expectations vs. reality. 

Fire watch Security Services

A fire can spread at any moment during the installation of a fire system or construction of a site. Fire watch security guards, in this case, act affectively and spot the fire-causing agent and stop it right away.

You might believe after installing the world’s best fire watch system, your enterprise and the employees are safe from fire hazards. You are right in your shoes. Besides alerting the building about the fire spread, can the fire watch save the attendee? Definitely, not!

Whether the cause of the hire is a short circuit or carelessness of the workers, the fire watch security guards will respond on time before things worsen. 

They incorporate firefighting equipment to control the situation as soon as they can. Not only the construction sites that are prone to fire hazards; also hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, schools, concert venues, and hospitals.

Fire watch security expectations vs. reality

There is a list of expectations we create in our minds about that particular thing whenever we invest in something. However, not every time the list is fulfilled.

Here, we are talking about what clients expect from the fire watch security services vs. what they are in reality.

  • Fire watch services only for outdoor?

You are not alone who believing fire watch security is only for the outdoor. Remember, fire can take place anywhere, at any time, be it indoor or outdoor. If you want fire watch services for indoor, you can have them as there is no restriction. Even shopping malls, retail stores, banks, and schools hire fire watch security services as they are public sectors. 

  • Only high enterprises can have these services?

Remember, one thing; safety is the right of every human being. Therefore, all can have security services. If you run a small business but want to make it safer for the customers and employees, you can have fire watch security services. All you need to do is hire a professional for a stress-free life.

  • They only come when there is a fire explosion

Due to less awareness, a major part of the society considers fire watch services a part of the firefighting department. In light of that, they expect to be present at the spot when there is a fire explosion. Little did they know, fire watch guard is a separate thing.

Fire watch security guards patrol the location they are hired for 24/7, even before the file explosion. They keep an eye on the fire-causing proxies and give their best to control them.

  • They only monitor the location, not protect

The last on the list we have is fire watch security guards never protect the attendees from fire hazards- they call the department to come and take control over the situation.

The priority of the fire watch security guards in the event of a fire explosion is to protect the attendees. Even if they had to sacrifice their lives, they do; to save the people. They offer first aid to injures and transport them to a safe place. 

Responsibilities of Fire watch security services

Here are the responsibilities of the fire watch security guards.

  • Constantly patrolling the site to identify fire-causing agents.
  • Incorporate the latest technology to advance the performance.
  • Never leave the spot until the work is done.
  • Having an active eye on the surroundings and monitoring the attendees, making sure they are not doing anything suspicious.
  • Keep checking the firefighting equipment that they are all set and ready to use when needed.
  • Maintain order at the location in case of a fire explosion and avoid people from going near the spot.
  • Offer possible first aid to the injured.
  • Bei prepared all the time to deal with every emergency.

Things are sometimes different from what we expect them to be. Despite its importance in society, the Fire watch security department is one of the most underrated ones. Hire fire watch security guards and make things right and safer for your business.

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Is Fire watch a hard job?

No job is hard if you are dedicated, honest, and hard-working. Things will indeed sound nerve-racking initially. Be dedicated, and everything will sort out.

Does fire watch service worth it?

A big yes! Never doubt the importance of security for your business. Whenever you feel things are now getting hard, hire security right away.

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