Fire Watch Security Guard

What Does a Fire Watch Security Guard do?

What Does a Fire Watch Security Guard do?

The annual rate of home-based fire in the USA is nearly 350K. The cause of the fire can be due to overloaded circuits, faulty electricity wires, or lack of high quality. Besides residential areas, commercial buildings like malls, offices, and hospitals are more vulnerable to fire hazards. That is when fire watch security services save the day.

There are several reasons to hire fire watch security guards. A fire watch security guard is not just an ordinary one you see daily outside the school building. Fire watch security guards are double on duty and perform several tasks proficiently.

A firewatch security undergoes special training to be the first responder to fire hazards. This guide highlights the duties a fire watch security guard performs.

Duties of a Fire Watch Security Guard

As aforementioned, the San Diego fire watch guard is always double on duty. The fire spread quickly at the speed of the blink of an eye. Fire watch security personnel must be alert all the time. Even a little carelessness from their side might result in disastrous circumstances. 

That is not all! Fire watch security personnel carry out several other crucial duties as well. 

The following are the essential duties fire watch security Riverside performs.

Patrolling Services:

Whether we talk about armed, unarmed, or fire watch security guards, one service is a must; patrolling. The use of fire watch security guards in commercial, industrial, and residential industries is standard.

The fire watch security Orange County company’s mobile patrol service is a backup to the standing security personnel who maintain the premise’s security. These security officers significantly benefit from this service. 

You can reach out to security personnel regularly for assistance with various concerns. This patrolling service gives these guards the help they need in an emergency.

For instance, during healthcare emergencies, an ambulance is a must to take patients to the hospital. Mobile patrolling, in this case, take quick actions to take the patient to the hospital even if the ambulance takes time to reach.

Scanning the Site Thoroughly:

A fire watch security guard can’t predict the cause of fire hazards without scanning the site thoroughly. Scanning the site helps address the access points and potential eruption points.

The cause of the fire can be anything like poor wiring, stock items in the warehouse, and poorly handled heat equipment. Insufficiency in addressing the eruption points will result in immense loss of human lives, financial assets, and property.

A fire watch security guard is trained intensively to identify the eruption points. The guard thoroughly examines the property, makes notes, and reports to the department to make changes accordingly.

Limiting Access to Vulnerable Areas:

The prime duty of a fire watch security guard is to keep the attendees safe, no matter what. The fire watch security guard knows the site’s porosity after scanning it. The guard ensures visitors stay away from sensitive areas.

If needed, the fire watch security guards also add temporary boundaries in the outlying areas. It helps restrict the visitors’ access and allows only authorized persons to enter the premises.

Construction Site Protection:

Construction sites are the most susceptible places for theft, arson, and other criminal activities. They contain heavy, costly machinery, flimsy buildings, and construction materials.

Hiring fire watch security guard companies in Orange County helps provide tight protection to the construction site. The fire watch security guards patrol the construction site 24/7 and keep the visitors away who not only try to commit violent crimes- but also disturb the workers.

A mishap never comes informed. A minor fault in the electric gadgets or a power outage can cause fire hazards. During such cases, the fire watch guards step into action and initiate an evacuation or call the officials. 

Check Fire Safety Equipment:

Fire takes seconds to spread and engulfs the whole surrounding. Taking immediate action and using the right equipment is the only way to control the fire.

The responsibility of a fire watch security guard is not only about patrolling the premises and keeping the visitors away. A guard is also responsible for checking the working efficiency of the fire safety equipment.

The on-duty fire watch security guards do a proper schedule check of the fire safety equipment. After checking the equipment, they maintain a log with working efficiency and information like expiry dates. If any safety equipment is not performing well, the guard will inform the department to change it instantly.

Hiring fire watch security services is beneficial in several ways. These highly trained guards know how to keep premises safe and control alarming situations like a pro. If you own a business, ensure to have fire watch security guards. It will help you deal with several security issues and give you a stress-free mind.

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