Fire Watch Security Guard

Can a Security Guard be a Fire watch Guard Too?

Fire watch

 Almost all spaces, whether public or private, usually hire security guards to look after and patrol their property and look out for any potential threats of theft, robbery, or any kind of vandalism. They watch out for people and their property, protecting them against any sort of breaches. However, most security guards cannot do much, when a fire breaks out they call the firefighters to extinguish the fire. They are helpless in a fire breakout because they don’t know what to do in such situations. But what if they get the training on what to do when a fire breaks out? What if they can be the first respondents to a likely event of a fire? Can they perform the duty of a fire watch?

Yes! Absolutely! And it would be very effective as well, in terms of fast response and cost wise too.

A security guard who also looks out for any potential fire breakouts is called a Fire watch security guard. Their job is to patrol the property and ensure to tackle any risks which might lead to a fire. Although they are usually employed on construction sites, they are equally valuable for public spaces as well.

Whether it is a residential area or a commercial space, patrolling Fire watch guards is extremely crucial and beneficial for it. They are important for security as well as to extinguish the fire whenever it breaks out, and save the place from any potential calamities. The diverse skills possessed by Fire watch patrol guards render them an important asset to the public and private space, making their services invaluable in a likely fire threat.

As these Fire watch guards patrol the area they are given, from time to time; they lookout for any potential risks which can start a fire. Their presence also limits and inhibit potential burglaries, crimes, and nuisance. In addition to this, Fire watch guards are also crucial to events and public congregations.

Duties of a Fire watch Security Guard

Besides keeping the area safe from crimes, the following are some of the duties that a fire watch security guard performs;

1. Patrolling the Premises

The first and foremost duty of a fire watch guard is to patrol the area they are assigned. They do surveillance of the whole area vigilantly and make sure all safety issues are looked after.

2. Identifying Potential Fire Risks

While patrolling, the fire watch guard locates all the potential risks which might lead to a fire. After locating different risks, they are dealt with on the spot, keeping the premises safe and sound.

3. Keeping the Equipment Sound and Ready

A fire watch security guard also keeps all the equipment such as fire suppressors, alarm systems, sprinklers, and other fire monitoring systems, perfectly sound and ready to use if any emergency arrives. They also keep the walkways and emergency exits open for a likely fire outbreak.

4. Responding to Emergencies

In a likelihood of an actual fire outbreak, fire watch security guards are well trained to deal with such situations. They make sure the safety and security of the property as well as its occupants, minimizing potential risks of fatalities and property damage. They also reach out to the fire department, assisting them by providing relevant and essential information about the affected area.

5. Informing the Owners about Potential Fire Risks

Fire watch security guards are well trained in figuring out the potential risks of a fire breakout. It is their job to deal with such risks as soon as possible. They also need to inform the owners about such risks which might lead to a fire, so the owner might take some steps as well to ensure the safety of their property and employees.

Looking at the duties a fire watch guard performs, it is almost essential to have at least one professional and competent fire watch guard in the security on a site. Whether they are big buildings or small businesses, they all need someone who can deal with fire-related emergencies. Construction sites and businesses dealing with fire (welding, for example) must have fire watch guards in their security to ensure their safety.

Fire watch guards are also important for public spaces and gatherings because sometimes celebrations involving sparks such as fire works might lead to a fire resulting in a fire which might cause damage to public property and also might be lethal too, endangering their lives. But if a fire watch security guard is present on the site, they would ensure to keep the place tidy and look out for any potential risks which might cause a calamity in the shape of fire.


The services and duties performed by the Fire Watch Security Guards render them essential for private and public spaces. That is why all spaces where there are people and essential property, should have fire watch guards in their security. Additionally, permanent security guards should be given proper training and the know-how of fire watch guarding. That way a simple security guard will be in a position to look out for potential crimes as well as fire outbreaks.

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