Armed Fire watch security guards

Fire is an inevitable hazard. It comes without warning and causes a lot of damage. It is crucial that you hire a Fire watch guard to safeguard your property and loved ones beforehand. Fire watch security guards are usually unarmed officers. These officers provide unarmed Fire watch services. Unlike armed security guards, Armed Fire watch Guards do not draw much attention towards themselves and can easily conform within the crowd while performing their duties. Having Armed Fire Watch Guards also reduces the risks of firearms accidents on properties. Armed Fire Watch Guards also require less training and are eligible to work sooner than the armed security guards riverside.

Direct Fire watch security LA

Fire watch security LA aims to provide the best services of unarmed Fire watch officers to their clients. We have exclusive plans to protect every type of industry. Our armed Fire watch guards can confront any kind of danger that may arise to property or the people inside. These guards are professionally trained to deal with all kinds of fire hazards and to protect the property and the people inside. As these guards are unarmed, they have easy mobility which is crucial in case of a fire breakout where they have to apply the emergency protocol and save people.

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Why do you need Firewatch security?

Firewatch security is very important for any type of industry. Fire is a hazard that can break out at any time and is very difficult to contain. It can result in casualties as well as huge monetary losses. The only way to prevent fire is to monitor the premises all the time and immediately eliminate any potential fire source. Firewatch security guards are often needed in places like.

Firewatch security guards

A Firewatch security guard is a highly trained security officer whose job is to monitor a certain area or a premise for a fire hazard. Firewatch security guards are very important front-line workers, especially in the fire season in California, when even a slight increase in temperature can start a fire in timber. A Firewatch security guard can be hired for both commercial and residential properties to identify and eliminate potential fire threats and immediately inform the employer, so proper measures can be taken.

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Duties performed by armed
Fire watch guards

The most important duties performed by Armed Fire watch guards are

Maintenance of fire equipment

Another important duty of an unarmed Fire watch guard is to maintain the fire equipment. He must ensure that all the fire equipment is in renewed and in working condition. It is important because if the fire extinguisher is not working in case a fire breaks out, a lot of damage could be caused. He also has to make sure that fire exits are accessible, sprinklers are working, etc.

Identifying fire threats

The most important job that a Fire watch guard performs is identifying the threats. An unarmed security guard patrols around the premise he is supposed to protect, looking out for potential sources of fire and eliminating them. These sources can be anything, an unburnt cigarette near trash, leaking gas and fuel, worn-out electrical wires, chemicals, etc. a Fire watch guard has to be vigilant as any neglected source can cause a big fire.

Immediate response

An unarmed Fire watch security guard is the first official to respond in case of a fire breakout. He has to deploy the emergency protocols. He must disperse the crowd, evacuate the building, save people from fire. He should also immediately call the local firemen to put the fire out. Because of his immediate response, a lot of damage can be prevented.

Why choose Direct Fire watch security LA

There are several reasons to hire a Fire watch security LA unarmed guard. Some of them are
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Level-2 trained unarmed security guards

We are properly equipped to provide level-2 security training to unarmed security guards. It helps them to handle difficult or unanticipated situations professionally without the help of a weapon.

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We are glad to say that Direct Fire watch security LA is a firm licensed and recognized by the Bureau of security and investigation services in California. We are committed to providing the highest quality of Fire watch services to protect your property and your premises.

Areas that we serve

Direct Fire watch security does not only provide its services in Los Angeles. It is legally allowed to give its services to all the cities in California. The areas of its service are

Conclusion: Fire is a very serious danger. If unchecked it can cause a lot of damage. That’s why it is important to hire a Fire watch guard to keep you worriless about the safety of your property. The best place to hire an unarmed Fire watch guard in Los Angeles is Direct Fire watch security LA.