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All of your security needs are met 24/7 by skilled security professionals.

There is a real fire risk. It is inevitable and extremely destructive. Prior to, it is essential to hire a Fire watch security guard to secure your house and your family.  Often, Fire Watch security guards are unarmed. They offer services for unarmed Fire watch security guards. In contrast to armed firewatch security guards who stand out from the crowd and draw attention to themselves, armed fire watch security guards may easily blend in with the general populace while performing their duties.

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Accidents involving weapons on property are also less likely when there are armed fire watch guards on duty. Guards who are armed Watch Guards are qualified to start working earlier than unarmed security guards and require less schooling.

For more than a decade, Direct Firewatch Security has been in operation. The necessities of the security business have caused direct firewatch security to develop and adapt. At Direct Firewatch Security, we’re proud of the many years of collective security experience on our staff. It has been standard corporate practice to gain client loyalty by providing exceptional service. Every member of our staff is available to assist you with any queries or worries you may have. The individualized service that only our staff can provide is what our clients have grown accustomed to receiving.

Both armed and unarmed firewatch security guards have been hand-selected by the Direct Firewatch Security Guards Services recruitment team. Moreover, patrol security services are provided. We are able to offer private security patrol, firewatch security, and courtesy patrol. Whether you require 24-hour coverage for a single event or a multi-day one, it will be tailored to meet your demands. We offer the ideal guard to meet your requirements. Our security personnel go through a comprehensive interview procedure and background investigation. We make a point of preparing our guards for every eventuality so they can provide the finest possible service to our clients. In order to serve our consumers, we operate throughout the state of California in several counties.

In order to give their clients, the finest service possible, Direct Fire Watch Security only employs unarmed Fire Watch security guards. To safeguard every sector of industry, we have unique plans. Any threat that can develop for our clients can be handled by our Fire watch security guards. These guards have undergone professional training to cope with various fire dangers and to safeguard the building’s contents and occupants. Due to their lack of weapons, these guards are able to move around easily, which is essential should a fire break out and they need to use the emergency procedures to preserve lives.

Our top objective is to provide qualified security guards to our clients.

Throughout the more than 20 years that we have been in business, we have served clients ranging from individuals to some very significant clients in the hotel, construction, hospitals, business parks, logistic firms, and many other industries. All service specialties are covered by our guards. Our aim is to assign the ideal guard to your business based on your requirements. Our committed account manager will prioritize making sure your guard is providing the services required for your business or private event.

We at Direct firewatch Security Services are pleased to impart to our clients our knowledge in the security industry. We all work hard to deliver the greatest customer service possible to make you feel more secure, we aim and believe to give you the quality security which make your feel more comfortable and more relaxed. We have accomplished our goal to serve the different sectors of businesses to provide the quality armed and unarmed firewatch security services.



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Specializing in patrol and armed firewatch security guard services

Security services are our team’s area of expertise in the retail, building, industrial, healthcare, and residential sectors. Always put foremost are the requirements of our clients. Along with our security personnel, our management team makes it a priority to establish trusting relationships with our clients. With open lines of contact with our clients, all of our guards begin their employment. They make an effort to collaborate closely with customers in order to guarantee the best degree of satisfaction. They have all received training to keep an eye on events and ensure that all reports are complete and correct. The dispatch crew is ready to help with any situation that may occur 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our company’s success is based on helping our clients make well-informed decisions to lower risk and giving them the resources, they need to establish safe workplaces through efficient public awareness campaigns, communications, and physical security. We at Direct Firewatch Security Services work hard to give our clients the greatest experience and do everything we can to help them secure their valuables.

Why choose Firewatch security LA

Out of the many reasons to choose Firewatch security LA to patrol your property, some of them are:
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Professional and trustworthy guards

We offer extremely professional and trustworthy Firewatch patrol officers to walk through your premises. These guards can be trusted with any type of industry to make sure that your offices, neighborhood, and properties and safe and protected.

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GPS and other technology

We provide high-quality GPS technology to our patrolling Firewatch guards that ensure that the clients receive immediate updates on the situation in the form of audio, video, or pictures from the patrol. The guards are also equipped with proper technology to deal with any kind of issue they might face.

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The Firewatch security LA is a government-approved security guard company. It is licensed by the Bureau of security and investigation services (BSIS), California to provide security guard services to the residents of Los Angeles and nearby cities.

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Highly trained security guards

The security guards at the Firewatch security LA are highly trained professionals. They must go through a 40-hour training session and pass a written examination before they get a security license. Firewatch security is also equipped to train Level-2 armed patrol Firewatch security guards at our facility.

Conclusion: Firewatch  security services is a trustworthy and dependable security services company in the state of California. They provide their clients with the best commercial security services to keep the safety of your business uncompromised.